Join us for a global launch of the platform
on the 28th of February 2021!



28. 2. 2021

Snatam Kaur
Alberto Villoldo
Estas Tonne
Netanel Goldberg
Kevin James
Manose Neva
Susie Ro

Flying Universe is a new online platform for live ceremonies, musical events, lectures and heart-expanding talks.

In a safe space we facilitate: 

Live concerts with renowned musicians

Guided and shared meditations

Sound healing and therapies

Breathwork sessions and trainings

Spiritual lectures and inspiring talks 

Community and topic-based meetings

Our vision

The intention behind this project is to hold regular online cultural gatherings. Earnings from those will go to directly support the performing artists, musicians, practitioners, and world-class speakers contributing to the particular event.  FLYING UNIVERSE is in fact a “multiverse” in which we can connect with one another, a place to share our skills and talents, and a safe harbor for inspirational contact.  In ultimate consequences, we aim to open up a field to awaken the loving force that will bring about the needed change we want to see in the world – both through the work in the outer world, inside of us, and through collective prayer.

Join us for a global launch!


The first meeting will be followed by another. More artist in the program and more guests in each meeting
(28th March, 25th April, 23th May, September, October, November, Christmas addition)

8 names from different parts of the world
8 hours of musical program
1 talk and 1 meditation during each event
breakout rooms
for conversations

How does it work?

Choose the event, concert or talk you would like to attend.

Select the pass that most fits your needs and pay securely using our online using our Stripe payment gateway.

Watch, connect, share and celebrate! Access the event’s recording after the event. 

Support the artists and speakers after the event by a donation of your choice.

10% of earnings from all events will go directly to projects that support forests, water and soil purification. We aim to support all environmental and conservation efforts that treal all life that surrounds us more gently and lovingly. 

One-time TICKETS

BASIC - $15

Access to one particular event with guaranteed 14 days recording access

EARTH - $50

Watchparty with a group or family (Access to up to 6 people)

WATER - $100

For bigger groups and families (+30 days recording access)


By purchasing a long standing pass, you support the Flying Universe project

ETHER - $500

Free-pass for all longer (4hrs+) events at Flying Universe

UNIVERSE - $1000

Unlimited access to all future events at Flying Universe


You can support any artist or guide with any amount. In the note on the payment, it is enough to write the name of the artist. 

A total of 21% VAT is deducted from each ticket

5% of ticket’s revenue will be donated to The Ocean Cleanup project

5% of ticket’s revenue will be donated to Save the Children foundation

Lu Una

Founder, event organiser and Life Lover

„Flying Universe is the space of void and unity. It is the universe for connecting one with another,  a place to meet and perceive, to listen and to be inspired by heart centered contacts. When I imagine that through online space, hundreds of thousands of people connect with the same intention at one time, I have goosebumps, I feel bliss and immensely grateful. It is an amazing power! What we focus on, we attract and strengthen. The current situation in the world requires great vigilance for each of us at every step and very conscious decision(s). 

The goal of this space is to enable gatherings that will strengthen intention to create a higher frequency through sound, quality information and communal intention. We have done enough to get close to ruining our civilization. It is time to take steps into a new direction, where we can and want to be. And that is clean air, life-giving water, healthy forests and soil, and healthy human spirit. Let us unite and strengthen each other´s light in us, through the support of wise people, music, meditation, kind words and love for ourselves.“


Stay tuned!

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