About us

Lu Una

Founder, event organiser and Life Lover

My strength has always been the power of connection. Connecting unconnectable, various people and spheres of interest, diverse arts, different levels of perceptions. Connecting what is above with what is below. 

I listen and let myself to be guided. This is my intention I came with into this world.  I realized that in ‘real’ Life it is necessary to be able to materialize the ideas. For the last 7 years I have been organizing concerts, events, workshops and seminars. With like minded people,  I have founded the festival Sacred Dance Gathering, and it's growing even at this special time when most festivals are slowly disappearing; and Sacred Chants project, which is a live version of this new Flying Universe online project.

Every one of us is inevitably called to find the strongest desire of our souls. And in these uneasy times full of tests and obstacles, when it is not possible to share our talents in the same physical location, comes the vision to create a virtual place for such gatherings. 

Maybe it is a vision of our long lost telepathic abilities. We lost what was part of us, and we have created something else. The telepathy now moves into virtual space, as we still feel the need to stay connected. We lost awareness of the fact, that we are ONE consciousness, that we are one with everything and we started to separate. Like a child growing up, who needs to build its ego, and to stand on its own feet, and eventually to defy its parents and to go on its own way. 

And my own way is evolution through connection. The connection with other gifted people and in mutual inspiration, rises the FLYING UNIVERSE project, which holds this idea. 

Julia Krakova


I am a Human Design Analyst and Teacher, and a very tribal being in every way. Dreaming of the world of humans where every being knows and accepts themselves exactly as they are. And even though I am fully aware that’s an illusion, I love to imagine it to be so, and my work, which is also my absolute passion, makes it possible, one human at a time.

For over 10 years I lived in eco communities, mostly in Israel and USA, where unity with nature, and heart connection with other fellow humans was a natural state. Even though there is a clear understanding that oneness and complete unity are impossible on the material plane due to its Design, once we are in tune with ourselves, we attract those on our fractal, and this creates space for mutual empowerment, sharing and profound support. I aim to bring this frequency to the project. 

Before 2020, I often found myself in the world of musicians, usually backstage. Even though I do not play any musical instruments, I make music mostly when I analyze the Human Design Chart 🙂 

I will be mainly backstage also in FLYING UNIVERSE, hosting this unique and uniting project. 

Radovan Moser

CEO at

I am a techie behind FLYING UNIVERSE, and I run a business focused on technologies and systems for video processing. My company LIVE4K operates in Europe and Panama. We provide turnkey projects around the globe.

Our company is specialised in PPV (PayPerView) LIVE streams in Ultra HD, VR360 video in 8K, and video post-production (PR videos, commercials, etc.).

We have rich experience with live streaming. We started streaming through our own CDN distribution network long before Youtube and Facebook came up with live broadcasts. I was invited to join the project Flying Universe on a personal recommendation, which I greatly appreciate.

Our task is to ensure the technical part for your best video viewing experience. We will do our best. I wish us all many pleasant moments spent with the project Flying Universe.

Monika Amaee Trčková


I am Love&Soul coach for women.

I guide women on the path of Love and inner Freedom. So they can discover the calling of their soul and full expression of their essence, and manifest the Life of their dreams. My focus is on relationship to ourselves, to our femininity, to men, to Abundance and to Life.  

What I also love to do is interpreting spiritual teachers from English to Czech language and copy writing, so I am very glad I could join this wonderful project, which is gathering people from around the globe for a shared ceremony and prayer.

Filip Aura


I am a creator helping others to find a form for their dreams. My ideas and visual content have brought to life many smaller and bigger projects of individuals, companies and non-profit organisations. Creating visual identity, websites, printed media and other graphical applications, I strive to amplify the growth of every project.

Alongside the graphical design, I also work with products, designing t-shirt prints and merchandising, including collections of luxurious bed linens and knitted jumpers. I constantly aim to expand the boundaries of my possibilities. I explore reality through the lenses of mysticism, shamanism and altered states of consciousness and try to transfer this knowledge into my artistic expression. I often apply archetypes, sacred geometry and other principles. You are welcome to review my portfolio.

I have created the visual identity of the Flying Universe. The main motive is a mandala made from the symbols of hope from various cultures.

Mayka Sabova

customer services

Born in Slovakia and residing in sunny Cyprus, Mayka has recently joined Flying Universe, trusting its potential and vision. Allowing the river of life carry her, where she needs to be, Mayka completed university business education but after ten years in corporate sphere, she turned inwards and instead started focusing on Yoga studying, practice and teaching, traveling, volunteering and living a simpler life that is less attached to the material, yet more fulfilling and happier. In the Flying Universe, she takes care of content writing, communication and promotion. Mayka trusts that each one of us is born with a purpose to awaken to our true nature and on this path of life, we must help each other to grow into wholesome, conscious and loving human beings, who care about the wellbeing of one another and our Planet. „We are all just walking each other Home“ – Ram Dass

Matěj Prokop


Matej is an environmentalist, avid traveller, food and music enthusiast. As a former chef, he has worked on multiple regional and international projects - cooking, opening surf resorts and restaurants around the world. Since attending the CCC19 Conference in Findhorn Ecovillage in 2019, he‘s active in the scene of environmental protection and climate change mitigation efforts. With his systems thinking and the ability to distill things down to their core, he often assumes a role of a consultant or advisor to various projects, ranging from food businesses, conferences, agricultural initiatives, and climate think-tanks. He thrives in the role of a facilitator and coordinator. 
Last year, Matej himself started an international non-profit advocacy organization Hemp the Climate with a mission to accelerate the use of industrial hemp for climate resilience. He also coordinates a conference TEDxNárodní, focused on amplifying solutions to climate change in the context of Czech republic. He currently resides in a timbered cabin in the Krkonoše National Park, where he co-creates a fruitful environment for musicians, artists, and digital nomads to work at and retreat in. At Flying Universe he‘s worked on texts as a copywriter and manages NGO partnerships portfolio and funds distribution/allocations from the platform's events