Alexia Chellun

Trust. No plans for the future. Go with the flow. This is a way of life for British singer-songwriter Alexia Chellun. Thirteen albums and three singles into a productive 15-year journey, Alexia has ridden her wave of trusting and practising life from a different angle thank to her yogic and multi-cultural folk influences.

Alexia´s organic approach to life and art seems to eliminate any barriers, opening the door to unlimited possibilities and potential to reach the audience. Letting go of constraints, welcoming new experiences without expectation, self-exploration, and complete trust in the creative process have been the cornerstones of her musical philosophy and life. Her deep and soulful vocals, uncluttered arrangements, and natural dynamics are the perfect companions for her enlightening observations.

Throughout her song-writing, Alexia exhibits a unique melodic pop sensibility combined with lyrical themes that examine the human race, consciousness, and awareness. She makes an unarguable point when she says “Oneness has no genre.”