Alma Tierra

Deva Baumbach is a multidisciplinary artist dedicated to the arts of the spirit. For her, Music and dance are tools of expression and access to the soul, that transcend barriers and beliefs and that are able to unite us in a single community of human beings. Deva is the creator of the Musical Mandala as well as a leader of Universal Peace Dances of the international INDUP and Cocreator of the Waking woman gatherings in Mexico and Europe. She facilitates sacred art retreats, gatherings using dance and music as a tool for inner development. Deva has been teaching for over ten years and leads blessing ceremonies that support families in their rites of passage. She offers her work in order to strengthen community and cultivate awareness through creative presence as it is a language that transcends cultural barriers. She was trained in Holotherapeutics, Human voice, and singing techniques, traverse flute, dance, Hatha yoga, sufism and Zen meditation, Lover and supporter of the beautiful life on Mother Earth.