Estas Tonne

Estas Tonne is an embodiment of a bohemian charisma and a creative presence that artistically responds to life. His concerts are literally internal flights to one’s own inner microcosm and beyond! Inspired by traveling to countless places, Estas´music carries the cultural richness of the world, while accessing the deepest emotions.His music is a reflection of many approaches, a fusion of classical structures, techniques of Flamenco, roots of Gypsy, characteristics of Latin and electronic soundscape – a variety of styles flowing into each other in a harmonious structure of sound, reaching out differently in every performance. His authenticity, spontaneity, unique artistic expression and musical mastery brought him many collaborations and the highest respects in the alternative music and art world. Estas performs at concerts, conferences, streets, yoga, art and community festivals etc. while he is involved in collaborations that range from film projects, poetry, meditation, dance or circus art. The film project “Time of The Sixth Sun“ shows him in the role of a traveling troubadour who creates a meaningful impact on society and the world while experiencing his own inner transformation. “On the path of Truth I have been falling and falling, standing up again and again and keep on walking. And I keep on walking this magnificent walk of remembrance called Love.”