Girish is an eclectic artist with roots in jazz, world, and sacred music. His musical talents find expression in a wide array of instruments – including tablas, world percussion, guitar, harmonium, and voice. The yearning to express the power of Sanskrit mantras through his own voice has been a driving force behind his six studio albums and a book Music and Mantras.

His first experience of music as sacred art came in college, playing with jazz bands. 

Feeling pulled toward a sacred life, Girish immersed in exploring spirituality through Kundalini yoga, meditation, and the study of Eastern scriptures, which led him to a life in an ashram in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee. Here, another compelling sound force emerged for Girish: the chanting of Sanskrit mantras and studying Sanskrit as a means to understand the deeper meanings of these ancient chants. He began to study tablas with Jagadish in the Nada Yoga tradition (yoga of sound current), which emphasized the spiritual import of music.

Further, he focused on music as a viable outlet of spirituality and learnt sacred music with the musician and spiritual teacher Bob Kindler, known as Babaji and a legendary tabla master Swapan Chaudhuri at the Ali Akbar School of Music in California. It was in northern California that Girish started collaborating with other musicians at the forefront of the chant music explosion including Krishna Das, Wah!, Dave Stringer, Donna DeLory, Thomas Barquee, Snatam Kaur, Shanti Shanti, Steve Ross, Swaha, and Rasa. His talents are featured on some of the most popular recordings in the world music/chant music field today. Girish continues to explore and expand musical borders, and has found new avenues for his artistic expression.