Maok is a musician, improviser, multi-instrumentalist, singer, composer, but mainly a man whose life component and the most significant component of self-expression is music. His music heals and inspires. He plays at concerts, does music therapy, composes music for theater performances, dance productions, illustrations and films. When he goes on stage, he has no idea what he will play. He makes music for music that comes straight from the heart and which allows it to flow freely, whatever it is. He also plays, in a way, Slovak folk music. His unique style is easily recognizable in dreamy to mystically tuned compositions, even without knowing a specific composition. He is a sought-after and regular guest at meditation events organized by well-known Czech or Slovak clergy. He says of his music: “For me, music is an expression of freedom and love. By expressing astonishment from the creative moment when beauty arises that can captivate us and lead us into the colorful and ever-changing world of our Soul, or it can stop any movement in us and we can dissolve in a single point, in the fullness of emptiness that is at the same time pupil of our eye. Or it can lead us into the pulsating ecstasy of a blazing Heart, or it can guide us through a path of dance and movement where we merge with our body in our inner rhythms. Or just get a good night’s sleep.