How do I access the live event?

After your ticket purchase, you will receive an email from tickets@flying-universe.com with a clickable link that will bring you directly to the livestream on the day of the broadcast. If you don’t find the email in your general inbox, please check your SPAM or promotion folder.

I haven’t received the event link. What shall I do?

Firstly, check your spam and promotion folders of your email client and search for an email from tickets@flying-universe.com. If you do not find a link within 48 hours from your ticket purchase, please contact us using the same email address and we’ll get back to you shortly. Please indicate your purchase ID in the email. 

The link doesn’t work, it shows an error. What shall I do?

Refresh the page or try copying and pasting the link URL to Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browsers. You can try to access the link on a different device, if you use a phone, try a laptop or tablet and vice versa. If the issues persist, please contact our customer support info@flying-universe.com

I cannot attend the live ceremony, can I still watch the event at my own pace?

Yes, every ticket purchase includes a 14-days replay period if you got the ticket through our website.

Which link do I use for the replay of the event?

It is the same link that you obtained upon your ticket purchase.

Can I support the performing artists directly?

Yes. That’s a feature Flying Universe was originally created with. On our website, go to ticket page, scroll down and find the DONATE button. Upon payment of any chosen amount, state the name of your artist and checkout.

I am a musician, speaker, guide, can I offer a concert, workshop or wisdom talk on the Flying Universe platform?

Yes, please contact collaboration@flying-universe.com with information about your offerings and social channels and we will be happy to connect with you.